Announcing: Advice Column, pro bono publico

Noble / Gas Qtrly is pleased to announce Advice Column, pro bono publico, a regular column through which it will strive to be a guiding hand for the community at large. Advice Column is a safe place; you will be safe here. Advice Column will give you ten thousand watts a day; you will be hot to trot. The next person who takes you out is going to light up like a pinball machine and pay off in silver dollars.

You want to know who is here to help. To paraphrase Lancaster Dodd: Advice Column is comprised of writers, doctors, nuclear physicists, theoretical philosophers, but, above all, humans—hopelessly inquisitive humans, just like you.


Open up. Share yourself. Personally, professionally. Be romantic. No question is foolish. No problem is petty.


Fill out the form below in relative anonymity. This is for your own good.