Christi Craig, Emilee Wirshing Depart N.G.Q., Sorrow Ensues

Abruptly, it swept through our field of vision: the fact that neither associate editor Christi Craig, professional quitter, nor poetry editor Emilee Wirshing, born bearing a white flag aloft, could hack it at Noble / Gas Qtrly. The merest allusion to either of these two yellow-bellied milksops elicits the sensation that one’s meal has dug in its heels, has begun to summit. Isn’t it fitting, then, that our two former editors, noted invertebrates of pusillanimous deportment, exited through the vomitorium in the draft of our latest issue? Had these sentient two-weeks’ notices planned to abscond hitchlessly to their ignominious roosts without first tholing the cudgels of the public’s gauntlet hand, may we suggest, with some cheek, that those plans be revised?

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Biannual Transparency Report (1)

Magic, after a certain age, rivets one more for its practitioner’s cunning and showmanship, his or her capacity to keep cloaked the serried rows of individual components that work to deceive you, than it does for any notion of preternature. Even afforded such transparency, you may lack the dexterity of mind—let alone hand—to understand it cohesively. We at Noble / Gas Qtrly surmise that any attempt at deception would inexorably lead to future issues that flatter to deceive; we very much want you to pay attention to that man behind the curtain.

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Submissions for Issue 202.3: Open

To spare your emotions—to spare you from having to consider that something is gone, carried away like all you have loved or will ever love—let us say that Issue 202.2’s reading period for general submissions has not ended but has evolved into Issue 202.3’s reading period. In some lights you’ll see Issue 202.2 in Issue 202.3—202.3’s lips move silently in reading just as 202.2’s did; they share the same aquiline nose, elegant, savage. Earth keeps turning.


The deadline will be announced via Twitter in April.


Please refer to the journal’s submission guidelines before submitting work.


Thank you.

2016 Pushcart Prize Nominations

The following is a list of words, phrases, and ballyhooing the towering likes of Mary Karr, Charles Baxter, Publishers Weekly, New York Times, and more have used to describe the annual Pushcart Prize: “urgent and absolutely necessary,” “invaluable,” “powerhouse,” “distinguished,” “essential,” “the most creative, the most generous,” and “one of the very best things that could happen to a writer.”
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Classifieds: Readers

Noble / Gas Qtrly is nosing through the marketplace in search of a small corps of readers of all genres. This journal promises to show you something different from either your shadow at morning striding behind you or your shadow at evening rising to meet you; it will show you fear in a handful of unedited submissions.

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Submissions for Issue 202.2: Open

Following the roaring success of Issue 202.1, the editorial staff felt this was the right time to remind you all that Noble / Gas Qtrly is reading for Issue 202.2’s general submissions, and has been since 5 October. The deadline will be announced via Twitter during a particular cold spell in January.


Please refer to the journal’s submission guidelines before submitting work.


Thank you.

Contributor News: Graham Oliver

Cat Stevens is the balm of Gilead. That is a thought Graham Oliver, one of Noble / Gas Qtrly’s readers, likely had while curating a mixtape for Hal Incandenza, protagonist of David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest. Oliver, who is the human manifestation of The Perks of Being a Wallflower, considers mixtapes “as intimate as a handwritten letter,” and so explains the impetus behind his project:

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Announcing: Advice Column, pro bono publico

Noble / Gas Qtrly is pleased to announce Advice Column, pro bono publico, a regular column through which it will strive to be a guiding hand for the community at large. Advice Column is a safe place; you will be safe here. Advice Column will give you ten thousand watts a day; you will be hot to trot. The next person who takes you out is going to light up like a pinball machine and pay off in silver dollars.

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Submissions for Issue 202.1: Open

This is just to say—Noble / Gas Qtrly has opened its doors for Issue 202.1’s general submissions, which will be saved for breakfast. Please refer to the journal’s submission guidelines, so sweet and so cold, before submitting work.


The editorial staff thanks you.