“The tree monster hated the woods.” – Bo Yeon Kim



How to adequately put into words the hope, the excitement, the undeniable intensity of putting together an issue of work from writers who have been brave enough to send their words out into the veritable ether? I don’t know if I can.


This is my first issue at Noble / Gas Qrtrly’s helm (hopefully of many) and it is full of work that both their writers and editors are beyond proud of. That I am beyond proud of.


To Kenzie Allen, E. Kristin Anderson, Joyce Chong, William Emery, Julia Dixon Evans, Lauren Elma Frament, William Hoffacker, Peter Longofono, Bo Yeon Kim, Marc D. Regan, Kara Rota, Brian Seemann, Trevor Shikaze, Eric Westerlind, and Lauren Yates: thank you for going on this journey with us, for sharing your inspired words, for opening our eyes to new experiences and perspectives.


Thank you also to Andrew Saavedra, Lindsay Branca, Joseph Spece, Jennifer Lobaugh, John Bouchner, Andrea Hackbarth, Sara Lacovelli, Will Kaufman, and Graham Oliver, without whom I would have been lost.


This has been an absolute honour. Thank you.