Aleric, swordsman at the ready, fighting through space by Astra’s side.



Issue 202.4 saw the first introduction of a guest editor and a themed section of Noble / Gas Qrtrly. While trying new things can often be an unnerving prospect, having Kenzie Allen on board as guest editor has been a true delight, as has reading the work that was submitted for consideration.

To Ace Boggess, Travis Dahlke, Alexa Doran, Brian Flynn, Rosie Gailor, David Greaves, Samuel Hovda, Canese Jarboe, Conley Lowrance, Wyatt McMurry, Myra Pearson, Emily Pinkerton, Jessica June Rowe, Meg Smitherman, Julian Stallabrass, Brandon Taylor, Stuart Thursby, Sonya Vatomsky, and Eric Williams: thank you for entrusting us with your words, your art, your perspectives on the mundane, the fantastic, the resisting.

Thank you also to Joseph Spece, Jennifer Lobaugh, Daniel Warner, John Bouchner, Julia Dixon Evans, Andrea Hackbarth, Jenna Marie Hallock, Sara Lacovelli, Graham Oliver, without whom I would have been lost. And to Andrew Saavedra, Lindsay Branca, and Will Kaufman, our intrepid staff at large, may you return to us one day.

This has been an absolute honour.


– EF