Verbs and adverbs are more interesting. In the first place
they have one very nice quality and that is that they can
be so mistaken. It is wonderful the number of mistakes a
verb can make and that is equally true of its adverb.
                                                                    —Gertrude Stein
Saturday nights
at Gertrude and Leo’s,
27 rue de Fleurus.
Paintings stacked
to the ceilingtoo much
to appreciate, too soon.
Nobody stopped
perusing or people-
watching long enough
to enjoy their wine


A bitch is a bitch is
a bitch is a bitch.


He stopped just

long enough to slur

about the corner

of the painting

Cezanne left bare,

white, untouched.

What it hadn’t

mattered more than

the rest, he said,

the idea put to shame

most all the adverbs

in the room.