Bristled with. She eats her

dinner. Ribs grip a pulse
throw slatted shadow at a
boy. She lattice him—halves
and then halves the half, ad
infinitum. Zeno sleeps
in her womb. I’m
trying to find my body

in a hall made of days
and nights. Wide berth,
I climb a new while

from my middle, thin
again, begin a. Ribs
grip a pulse, throw shadow
slat at a boy, halves the
fraught opposite bought out from the womb: the neutering of cost: less

and less lost opposites caught up in honesty—the de-fraught body falls
to dirt—thread of unwebbed fingers through womb, credibility

a mesh that gets around a fetus. Fling of life from a budget meeting
with the reaper. Fraught cost—lost time welled in her insides, reaps
seasons: a century at best. Death lines the ledgers with mesh, catch
of unwebbed fingers on innards, cling of life to a budget meeting—
cost of often feeding a set of yet unshed milk teeth treason to lost
time. Might she languid and fade on everyone. A wretched get.