& this is who I became beneath your half light.
When nobody loves us then we will change.

Lately I’ve been dreaming in pale shades of purple.

You hold me in a space that’s barely safe

from the world. We turned on the TV and then

cried for hours. It’s not us yet but what if we’re next.

I’m floating in a liquid terror, my fingers swirling

broken infinities into the bathwater. Should we escape

or will there be a home here. Is there a night that’s

any less frightful than day. When you scream I’ll hear

you but it might be too late. We can’t stop these moon

phases, can’t stop the sun from going dark, but if you turn

on the night light maybe I’ll dream full color again.

If you turn on the lamp maybe the shadows will walk

with us. If all night the street lights don’t turn off,

we will be less static. Hold me like this until the days

change and we’re bathed in full light once more.