he says,
red scarves
winded around the head
are a cardinal sin,
silk, linen, or velvet,
Scratchy beards
like warm woollen socks
are savage,
and dangerous.
he says,
two shades too dark
two shades too sallow
are symptoms of
black mold and yellow fever.
he says,
bear pitchforks and arms,
God-given rights
like misogyny, xenophobia,
and bigotry.
he​ ​says,
exalt follicles of picnic flannel and lumber,
scorch beards of desert sand,
Shove yellow peril,
disguised as sweet pollen,
down stigmas of young crocus
and white lilacs,
his​ ​audience of
wheezing aconites forgets that
they were once
lithe lilies too.