pull my finger,                           she says
            and when you do, she cries
                                    if you set one hand                protectively      on her shin
            her neck kicks once to the side         and she will remove your          hand
place a finger on the center of her wrist
she       howls              as though you           are a     knife
                                                                                   in bed:  slip     a leg between
                                                                                                her thighs: she sighs
                                                 one hand at the base of her neck
causes            flushing             and      smiling             and       a comparison   to             a cat
the pulley girl knows               she is malleable
             rope and wheels                      hung together
                                                                          hold her
lips on               her       lips
                                                                                                     and                she          moans
                                      the     pulley                 girl
             resents you for knowing           which   buttons                  to push
whisper           invitingly          into     her ear
            and she will make a sound that you know no one has heard                                  before
                                                                          to show her you love her
                                                                          you must rub her back just so
do this;
                                 you        will       move     the       world