It is now Summer: traditionally a time for relaxation, for adventures, for long days and short nights, and, of course, for our latest Noble / Gas fare.
On a personal note, I’ve been overawed by the enthusiasm in our submissions inbox. We’ve had the largest submissions record since we began this journey, and we’ve been bowled over. It’s also my eighth issue since I took the reins, and to have so many of you send us work for consideration was incredibly special. Thank you for your continued belief in us and what we do here.
This issue sees us navigate through misunderstandings, through cultural shifts, and magic. We explore loss of family, the power of food, the transformation of the human body, & our relationship to animals and insects, and to each other.
Thank you to Linda Ashok, Anna Cabe, Renee Christopher, Justin Lawrence Daugherty, Darren C. Demaree, Puloma Ghosh, William Godbey, Stacey Gruver, Liz Harms, Angela He, Ana Hurtado, Harshbir Singh Kang, KS Lack, Theo LeGro, Kristie Betts Letter, Rachel Mindell, Ryan Napier, Megan Perra, Cassandra Peurala, Christopher Porcaro, Josh Silver, Jessica Lynn Suchon, Ricky Ray, Isabella Rosario, and Gu Zhongsheng; for entrusting us with your work, for being astounding artists, for your courage and your talent.
Thank you also to Sara Iacovelli, Mehrnoosh Torbatnejad, Joseph Spece, Graham Oliver, Olga Belykh, Daniel Warner, Julia Dixon Evans, Andrea Hackbarth, John Boucher, Diana Khong, Andrew Saavedra and Lindsay Branca, without whom I would always be lost, and to Will Kaufman, who we hope will return to us one day.
And finally: thank you to all our readers, for sharing in this with us.
Until next time,
– Emma Fissenden