take it a syllable at a time.

my last name – ro-sar-i-o
let it roll off your tongue

like broken glass

rosary beads

let the vibration of r’s

fill your throat

let them choke you

like they choked my people

into catholicism

and words like barrio

                                               hail mary, full of grace
raping women in the barrio

like my mother’s

mother’s mother’s

mother’s mother

in the barrio

                                               the lord has forsaken thee
soldiers from the home

of the brave wielding

their swords and penises

at women in the barrio

                                               blessed are patriots among women
my last name is rosario

and i don’t know

where it comes from

i don’t know where

i come from before

white men made me

no one

                                             and blessed is the fruit of thy terrorized womb.

since i cannot bake

what i know is mine,

i make my lecheflan with

an extra layer of brown

caramelized sugar