bright waters entice
glimmers of caught sunlight within waves
            brief flickers beyond
tinted windows and dappled trees
summertime strolls over
cobbled streets – ice cream
drips down my arm – to the dock
lapping water tap tap tapping against wooden posts
come in come in it calls
            don’t listen
men sit in fold-away chairs
beer cans nestled between their legs
watch their lines bob up- up- down
waiting for the rod to divine a forthcoming death
            a sudden bend
the line goes taut
slow- slow- fast slow- slow- fast go the hand and reel
until – suspended in air
the fish – a rainbow of shimmering scales
we children would all
            stand back
then surround it where it lay
gasping for water
back from the hospital
we sit in the car
not talking about what
            could not be said
watching lobster boats dream
within icy waters slow and sluggish
reduced – like so much
on this island – to something
still functioning but forlorn