I stand naked as a jellyfish

wraps tentacles around me

tight, carving flesh channels

wonder when I stretch my arms out

to jump if she’s strong enough

to save me her arms are soft

like a silk robe slipping

She releases her eggs

without warning they’re floating

in front of me wandering

past the edge I reach out

curettes replace my hands

too much pressure too much

for new ephyra how do I mourn

a life of only hours I’m lost

in her arm’s folds pink fluttering things

gather in her head’s translucent dome

and when I look through it

everything is distorted

There are no humans here,
But I’m not alone.
I hold scarab beetles in my throat

breathe only through my nose

no scarab beetles in Challenger Deep

no morning sun rolls across the trench

I’m the closest thing to Khepri I fear

if I swallow they’ll carve their likeness on my bones
and I will forever be reborn.