November 9, 2016
all the way into this room you and your things
align a lightbox constellation
keys watch glasses set evenings in plottable alignment
here I seek star signs in your lined up shoes,
this photograph where your laugh
got the better of you, the best of you,
the sprung current of your things being yours
at wit’s end your fingertips find the filter and lighter
among the pines looking up for a migrant answer
and it won’t solve the gulf, the gaps in frequencies
the shortfall of signal to noise
but we sit perched in startime, on glacial rock
and watch our autumn coast turn yellow
and red (and red and blue) – a plane that tilts
like the flightpath they’re always carving
from my end of the city to yours
starlight, cigarette, signal flare
little lights tipping on and off
A Hertzsprung-Russell diagram is an astronomical tool that organizes stars according to their
brightness and color. Scientists have discovered that all observable stars fit in a few specific
regions of this diagram. The main sequence, which flows like a bending river through the middle
of the diagram, is the classification for stable, average stars like Earth’s sun.