This journal is a parental figure in many respects: it is supportive; it allows you to invite friends to supper; it does its very best to spare you a few dollars, even when money’s tight. It will not, however, tolerate inattention. Bear in mind the following guidelines.

Noble / Gas Qtrly accepts original, unpublished works of literature and visual art that explore artifice and discovery—and any interstice that might divide those two—revel in juxtapositions of the high- and lowbrow, and is conscious of its place, its time, and its place in time.


n.   Mary Toft, an illiterate field worker who begat a full litter of rabbit kits to the public fascination of Godalming, Surrey, and environs, abashing eminent medical wise men of the time.


Limit 7,500 words. No excerpts of longer works.


n.   Epecuén, a holiday village 340 miles southwest of Buenos Aires, where bone-white trees reach out in sudden relief or agony, where roads run under old floodwater, where a matadero stands august, a lone surveyor of all things gone and coming.


Limit 7,500 words. No excerpts of longer works.


n.   Boston Corbett, a hatter, haranguer, dweller of a hole, who, some years after coolly removing his testicles with a pair of scissors upon Providence’s mercurial advice, drew his Colt revolver outside a burning barn in the name of Abraham Lincoln one April morning, later to be presumed dead in a great Minnesota fire.


Limit 1,000 words (each); limit three (3) pieces (in one (1) document).


n.   Marie-Augustine Aguilard, upon whom rested a late-arriving train that, having dashed unbuffered across the Gare Montparnasse concourse, dangled from the station like an eye unmoored from its socket.


Limit five (5) poems (in one (1) document).


n.   Piet Mondrian, who toiled over black lines and primary-colored rectangles until he bawled into his blistered hands and puked between his feet.


Limit ten (10) images or one (1) series.


n.   Experiments in the Revival of Organisms, a 19-minute Soviet video in which an early heart–lung machine called the autojektor keeps alive and responsive the head of a dog wholly divested of a body, later ex- and resanguinating another.


Limit 1,500 words for miscellaneous features.

If we have previously published you please wait one (1) reading period before submitting to us again.


The life you save may be your own. This journal commands adherence to the following formatting criteria:


  • each submission must include a brief, third-person biography;

  • each literary submission must arrive in .doc(x), .pdf, or .rtf format

  • each prose submission must be double-spaced in a standard 12-point black font, flush left or in full justification;

  • each art & photography submission must arrive in .jpg, .png, or .tif(f) format.


This journal operates on a strict reading period of 30-45 days prior to issue publication. Reading periods will be announced on social media or in the smoke above your fair cities.


Two issues per year. This journal defines its quarterly nature into two divisions of the halves of a year as observed in “For readers in tropical climates, this journal publishes a single wet issue and dry issue yearly.” prevailing regions of temperate or subpolar climates. Each issue’s publication will be announced via social media.


No. This journal is a front organization for damned long-hairs and champions of egalitarian socialism: unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno.


Limit one (1) submission per issue.


Yes. This journal, pistol in hand, asks kindly that you withdraw via Submittable all submissions accepted elsewhere for publication. If any individual piece in a set of Short Circuits, poetry, or art & photography is likewise accepted elsewhere, contact the editors, indicating what remains available for consideration. The subject line should be rife with panic.


Sooner than later. This journal, like Argus Panoptes, has many eyes that keep sure watch always over all submissions. Expect to receive word on the status of your work within two months; if you do not, please contact the editors.

This journal also accepts submissions in other languages when accompanied by English translations.


Optional. This journal does not charge a fee for any general submission. If you feel so moved to pitch a few coins into a tip jar, however, the editorial staff will expedite its consideration of your work as a token of appreciation. There are three length-based levels of scaffolding in this supportive, mutually beneficial relationship:


Spend $3 for a one-week turnaround on a general submission of up to 3,000 words.


Spend $5 for a one-week turnaround on a general submission of up to 5,000 words.


Spend $7 for a one-week turnaround on a general submission of up to 7,500 words.


Many bookmakers of sterling reputation otherwise unassociated with this journal report that paying the discretionary (and nonrefundable) fee neither guarantees nor increases the probability of one’s work’s acceptance.


All proceeds, including those culled from donations, go towards the general upkeep of the journal.


Unavailable. This journal does not have the financial capacity to remunerate its contributors at present juncture. In lieu of remittance, Noble / Gas Qtrly will work hell-for-leather to showcase your stories, poetry, and art & photography on a clean, beautiful, and professional platform. Promotion of your work follows in kind—ad infinitum.


Noble / Gas Qtrly hereby acknowledges that, by virtue of submitting creative work for consideration of publication, you depose to the following: you are the author or artist of the submitted work, which is original and unpublished.


Upon acceptance, this journal acquires First North American Serial Rights and First Electronic Rights of the work, both of which will revert to the author or artist upon publication. In the event that any work published in this journal is later republished in an anthology, a collection, or another journal, the author or artist agrees to credit Noble / Gas Qtrly.