Submissions for Issue 202.2: Open

Following the roaring success of Issue 202.1, the editorial staff felt this was the right time to remind you all that Noble / Gas Qtrly is reading for Issue 202.2’s general submissions, and has been since 5 October. The deadline will be announced via Twitter during a particular cold spell in January.


Please refer to the journal’s submission guidelines before submitting work.


Thank you.

Contributor News: Graham Oliver

Cat Stevens is the balm of Gilead. That is a thought Graham Oliver, one of Noble / Gas Qtrly’s readers, likely had while curating a mixtape for Hal Incandenza, protagonist of David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest. Oliver, who is the human manifestation of The Perks of Being a Wallflower, considers mixtapes “as intimate as a handwritten letter,” and so explains the impetus behind his project:

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Announcing: Advice Column, pro bono publico

Noble / Gas Qtrly is pleased to announce Advice Column, pro bono publico, a regular column through which it will strive to be a guiding hand for the community at large. Advice Column is a safe place; you will be safe here. Advice Column will give you ten thousand watts a day; you will be hot to trot. The next person who takes you out is going to light up like a pinball machine and pay off in silver dollars.

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Submissions for Issue 202.1: Open

This is just to say—Noble / Gas Qtrly has opened its doors for Issue 202.1’s general submissions, which will be saved for breakfast. Please refer to the journal’s submission guidelines, so sweet and so cold, before submitting work.


The editorial staff thanks you.