Your forgotten sorrows
now trickle into the heart thus
Like idols who visit desecrated temples
After their slaughter.
Persuade the night of separation
not to tarry any longer
The heart already aches a little less,
Your memory too teases no longer.
We lack the intellect to reciprocate a favour
else she arrives, determined to do us a favour
Buhu sings sighra aaween sawal yaar
Call out to your dead lovers a little longer.
The beloved weeps in a hollow tongue
Smear condolences with meaning a little longer.
We know the law, and all the statutes
Let the murderer deceive us a little longer.
Amulets hang from black coffins
Untie half-burnt promises a little longer.
We promise to bare heads in mehshar
Command the last sun to beat down a little longer
Spill scented ink, and bury brocade paper
Bear the drought of good poems a little longer.
— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —
Notes from the author:
Sighra aaween sanwal yaar — Come quickly, dark handsome love
Mehshar — day of judgement.
Buhu is a Sufi poet who wrote in Sairaki