The aunt who beat up ma is putting on redemption
as make-up reciting the Gita over her corpse:
Abandon all attachment to the results of action
An uncle makes inquires for mid-priced wood
nothing too fancy I imagine when he goes
we’ll scorch him on a pyre of cash bundles
he’s hoping to save off my mother’s cold body
being rubbed in ghee for uniform burning look
at the neighbors looking down at you from windows
like your future is a video clip buffering, ask the bodiless
sky for two more hands to juggle the why me and why her.
Did you know of a tongue in which the word goodbye
is considered bad luck, instead they leave their house
to Aaujo: Come again. Ask ma if she wants a pair
of housekeys just in case. The theatre of loss has
too many emergency exits. Push again to check
if any of those doors open the other way