Titanic (1997)
‘Is there anyone alive out there? Can you hear me?’
screams Harold Lowe; his torch beam
illuminates the dead in their inflatable life jackets.
The lifeboat slides in like a fact
dropped in the middle of a dinner table gossip.
‘Is there anyone alive out there? Can you hear me?’
Another day, one could have found his tenor
in the middle of an orchestra. Tonight,
it only illuminates the dead inflatable jackets.
Before long, his boat’s keel bumps into some-
body floating: a mother clenching her baby.
‘We waited too long,’ he breaks his own chorus.
A woman kisses her man’s knuckles, pries open
his grasp like a walnut & grants the Atlantic his
luminous body; the dead in jackets, lie inflated
as the currency of an economy fast sinking.
‘Hello! Is there anyone alive out there? Can…
she bites hard a whistle she has yanked
from a dead floater, & waits for the lonely beam.