Ever lick a battery for kicks? You did it to yourself. Instead, you’re sitting on tissue paper. The doctor is blindfolded, smacking his piñata. The candies fall into those little orange jars. They shake like maracas every time you move your purse. Fiesta sounds. Your life is very exciting. Who knows what will happen, when you will colorful break apart. The party is all around you. You’re hazy. You’re trying to have fun. You’re writhing like a dancer. You’ve mastered the debutante slouch. Remember when you stabbed yourself in the hand? You were cutting an avocado, then you weren’t. You stand there with a knife inside you. This is not your hand. You do not stab yourself. Rewind. You pull the knife out of the skin. Radioactive green. Your guacamole taste like iron. You can’t quite move your fingers. Now you’ve got a feeling, you want to go lie down. You’ve got a feeling that you aren’t feeling well. Yes hi, hey, how are you, I’m doing fine.