you tell me everyone is
going to die and that is life
that is not life i say
life is the saline sweat dripping
from your ears like candle
wax life is the only blueberry
bush on the mountain
that we will walk through
miles of bramble for only to find
that the berries are too ripe
to consume life is the blood dripping
down our legs from the bramble
and the scars i still have from it six months
later life is deer that are not caught
in any headlights it is red birds blue birds
black birds brown birds it is ugly insects
in metamorphosis it is dragonflies it is no wind
today it is pebbles in your shoes
it is water   water   water   water
life is the chiseled names on the resting
place at the top of the mountain
KS, SB, TT + FN together forever