Here we are in another September; new beginnings, exciting new steps–it’s as much the start of a new year as January is for many of us. On a personal note, good luck to everyone embarking on new adventures, and much love to those who are struggling with the seeming constant barrage of darkness in the world.
Some light, then:
We celebrate our second Birdwhistle Prizes this issue, and I’m sure I can speak for the entire NGQ crew here when I say that it’s a deep honour to be able to give back to the community in this way. Congratulations to our winners-Terry Abrahams, Shilpa Iyyer & Melissa Wiley, to our runner-ups-Emily Pinkerton, Michele Finn Johnson & Stephanie Adams-Santos; and congratulations to all our Tip Jar donators over the last year. Your donations and tips go directly to writers who win these prizes, and I couldn’t be more grateful for the support of the community in this way.

Thank you to Terry Abrahams, Stephanie Adams-Santos, David Appelbaum, Devon Balwit, Alexis Bates, Brandon Best, Alexis Briscuso, Seth Canner, Marlena Chertock, Seanse Lynch Ducken, Meg Eden, Logan February, Mariel Fechik, Bruna Figueredo, Abel M. Folgar, Elizabeth R. Hitchcock, Shilpa Iyyer, Michele Finn Johnson, Emily Lubanko, Nate Maxson, Ashley Nebelsieck, Nikoletta Nousiopoulos, Selby Perkins, Emily Pinkerton, Cindy Song, Millie Tullis, Cathy Ulrich, Clio Velentza, Sam Wilcox, Melissa Wiley, & Lauren Yarnall.
Thank you also to Sara Iacovelli, Mehrnoosh Torbatnejad, Joseph Spece, Graham Oliver, Olga Belykh, Daniel Warner, Julia Dixon Evans, Andrea Hackbarth, John Boucher, Diana Khong, Andrew Saavedra and Lindsay Branca, without whom I would always be lost, and to Will Kaufman, who we hope will return to us one day.
And finally: thank you to all our readers, for sharing in this with us.
Until next time,
– Emma Fissenden