Where did this year go? As I write to you all I’m staring down the last moments of holiday shopping, dodging frenzied customers at my dayjob and wondering just what to get my family. I’m also trying to avoid thinking about my New Year’s resolutions both past and future. Past, because well–you know–and future, because I’m refusing to acknowledge we’re that close to the end of the year to avoid my building anxiety. There’s still so much to do!

This issue features ruminations on nature, familial relationships, dealing with loss, returning to our childhoods. We’re very proud of this issue; thank you for stopping by to spend a little time with us during this busy time of year. Thank you to Faizan Adil, Hussain Ahmed, Clair Dunlap, Mariel Fechik, Michelle Lizet Flores, Erik Fuhrer, Gretchen Gales, Alphen Postmeyer Graygs, Kelsie Hahn, Rachana Hegde, Caylie Herrmann, Marissa Higgins, Melissa Fite Johnson, Abbie Lahmers, Tom Lakin, Claire S. Lee, Cara Lorello, Rebekah Matthews, Jonathan May, Kevin A. Risner, Jen Rouse, Teresa Sutton, Katelyn Thomas, Emily Townsend, Bonnie Rae Walker, Catherine Weiss, and Lauren W. Westerfield; we’re honoured by your trust in us.
Thank you also to Sara Iacovelli, Mehrnoosh Torbatnejad, Joseph Spece, Graham Oliver, Olga Belykh, Daniel Warner, Julia Dixon Evans, Andrea Hackbarth, John Boucher, Diana Khong, Andrew Saavedra and Lindsay Branca, without whom I would always be lost, and to Will Kaufman, who we hope will return to us one day.
And finally: thank you to all our readers, for always sharing in this with us.
Until next time,
– Emma Fissenden