Ankylosaur is popular at his high school’s parties. Weeks ahead, the host drops off Ankylosaur’s invitation and kegs of grape juice before anyone else’s. Ankylosaur drinks the kegs down to the splintery end, not wanting to waste a gift. He sleeps, burping grape burps, happy and wanted.
When he arrives at the party, everyone is so excited they spin him around. Ankylosaur warns them he’s going to be sick, really guys, I’m not kidding, this happened last time, and when he does get sick, they catch the frothy purple stream in buckets. They’re never angry about cleaning up, for which Ankylosaur is grateful. They hustle the vomit to the kitchen and return with kegs of wine. The party grows louder, but Ankylosaur can’t help falling asleep in the corner. Later, he’ll awaken with a headache and someone else’s underwear on his club.