ISSUE 205.1

Art by Kirsten Valentine:
“Resistance Fighters” series
Objects of Derision
– Hannah Cohen
Hannah Cohen
– Poem for My Father

– Struggle with the Quarry

– For the Living

– Aubade Inverse

Maris Finn
– Whale Summer

Erin Kirsh
– For the Birds

Aslan Demir
– Cell Number 77

Nate Maxson
– Crowcall

Trivarna Hariharan
– Sonata

– Nocturne


Scherezade Siobhan
– Genealogy

Millie Tullis
– Wolf’s Mother

Lindsay D’Andrea
– Sun Cle Ranch

Rico Craig
– Shape of the Earth

– Basketball in Davao

Chelsea Bunn
– The Beau Geste Effect

Jennifer Fliss
– Names for an Orange

Eric Morris-Pusey
– Another Goddamn Spring Poem

Hannah Bishop
– Lambent Bodies, or Hypothermia and Vomiting Nematodes


Editor’s Note