your hand rips holes in darkness
right arm orchestrating lay ups
hawk’s instinctive lust when you land
chain net rattling applause
you float like a miracle of miscegenation
barefoot for hours
feathers tufting from your toes
swinging in the space between asphalt & hoop
somehow judge & jury find you here
makeshift court girded with insect noise & rumour
trial judge pointing a pistol
jury sweating adobo
three points drop through the chain net
somewhere a shot clock falters
the bodies we’ve been arch
twist & fall between yellow lines
you’re on knees at the top of the key
hands open to people who spit on your peers
pockets spilling the arcane & intimate
evidence unruly on the asphalt
i balance a ball on my hip
watch a final jeer tremble across your lips
there’s a gunshot gavel
a second shot & the court adjourns
words for this will course palm to palm
how the back of your head opened like a soft void
how your mouth adorned the air with jewels
& stars sobbed through the bullet holes in your hairline