ISSUE 205.2

Art by Katherine Robbins
Objects of Derision
– Megan Perra
Megan Perra
– She was Small For a Bear

– Chasing Shadows

Kimberly Ann Southwick
– The Birds, The Birds

Aby Kaupang
– Bough

Andy Posner
– The Savage Harvest

Josh Giacometti
– A Coyote Limps

– We Carry Our Roles

Kristine Langley Mahler
– New Dawn Coming

Rita Mookerjee
– Excess

– Lovemaker

Emily Paige Wilson
– Mademoiselle X Tries to Remember Who She Was Before the Delusions

Jackie Sizemore
– Pont Neuf is Flooding

Carl Boon
– Helva

Chloe N. Clark
– The Width of Your Body Apart

– This is the Color of Your Eyes in the Dark

Julie Hart
– Woman Awake at 3 AM

Madeline Wallace
– Future Tense

Christopher Locke
– Humiliation

Artemis Spyridonidis
– Clash of the Titans

Anita Goveas
– Paperwork

Todd Dillard
– Love Poem to My Brother as He Gives My Father a Shave

Basmah Sakrani
– Follow, Follow, Follow

Mary Balice Nelligan
– Exit Plan

Jacob Parsons
– Sarajevo: A Portrait

Erika Saunders
– Mussel Gathering


Editor’s Note