“little gray toad of a heart flopping
weakly here or there in his chest”
                          Ray Bradbury
          And then there is that night when all around, all around you hear the cracking of tree
          limbs, one by one, from the trees.   At first it is one here and one there,  and then it is
          four  then  five  then  nine  then  thirty,  until all the limbs impress like raccoon prints,
          shatter  like  crystals  in  the  blue October snow and you are the last limb on the oak;
          and  you  liken  for  the lamplight to lift you down gentle from your grip upon the wet
          and leafy sky.
          Long  before  you  press into the firmament,  you will have forgotten there ever was a
          wimple or  other  branches  or  breach  or  low and loamy soil beneath the crystalline

                night                             allaround
                                  limbs cracking
                first one here/there                           & there
                4                5                             9                    &30
                limb crystals shatter
                                  raccoon prints impress
                a                blue October snow         &             You
                                                                         last        limb
                                                                         the oak         on
                & liken for the lamplight
                      lift me down gentle        my grip
                      clings      the wet and leafy sky

there was ever wimple      branch or breach
low & loamy     the soil churns
beneath a glassy trill
lamplight on snow branch of oak limb
over wet leaves snow
in background      sound of cracking
in air     fingernail moon above branch
being that lets the present
such that this is
hues & weights
framed in landscape
impression of raccoon prints
October’s blueness of gleaming snow
loamy soil beneath

& then there is                                  all around                                all around
from                                        at first                          here/there                              until
the last                                                                                    long before
            you will have


Nightallhearcrack                 limbonetreeoneherethere                  fourfiveninethirtyall                 limbsshatter  
impresscrystalsracoonprints    blueoctober

    N2 A8 L12 C5 O4 T6
    F1 S4 R1 P1 I1 B4 Y1
    M2 D1 G2 W3 E1