find a melody           let your legs unseal       star jasmine cumin show me

subtlety        recline                        pretend to spread                       yourself wide
spare no expense     dive to the bottom like you need it all

the full feature extended version never before seen

you’re getting                           wetter              or if you say it enough times it will

come true                     for this part                                        let your head tilt on its axis
            feedback                                  the static in a phone call

            are you             there   are you there               yet


you’re thinking  about  going                            back to Philly

                                     getting a job in IT meeting up with

                                     that girl you

                                     ghosted the acrobat

with the tattoo in latin

             dum     spiro    spero                                                   you wonder

what kind of liquor she

drinks when you’re summoned                         to hiss

and shriek                    curdle the blood                                  everything

             severe then roll that neck summon something

push through                             splayed fingers                       sample audio


                          are you there               are you                        there yet?