Q: Ogini na-eti nwa n’iru nne ya?
    What beats a child in the presence of its mother?

A: Aguu

chi’m bikonu help my hungry child
sometimes I think
this world is not enough for her
but what does a mother do?
she gnaws at everything
then flings it out of sight
she will take to no breast
and I have brought her all types
if I could bring her food
from where she is coming from
the bread of ghosts
honey from the ancestors
wouldn’t I?
but I am only human
I am afraid
that she is trying not to stay
not to wear flesh
I am afraid –
if the dibia’s scars won’t pin her
to this earth, I am finished
I am afraid –
some hungers can be fed with food
some will only be fed with a life
I am afraid –
sometimes when she rolls her eyes
I see a spirit come through
not my child
but why why why chi’m
why will this womb of mine
keep seeding souls
with no impetus to live?
I fear this child of mine
and my womb –
garden of dying things