by Freethedust





Hello all.
Somehow, we’re back at September once again. Autumnal gusts, pumpkin carving, leaves in gutters–all these and more are on their way. But for now, we’ve another issue–our third of the year–to share with you all. 
Issue 205.3 explores childhood experiences, the relationship between the natural world and human bodies, loss and grief, and a mother’s love for their child, among many other themes.
This issue includes work by our Objects of Derision feature Renee Christopher, who reveals a little about her writing process, who she turns to when she needs some inspiration, and her interest in the relationship between water and the body. This issue also features sweeping, captivating photography from Freethedust. 
Thank you to all of our wonderful contributors–for allowing us to present your work to readers, for putting your trust in us as editors. Thank you to Abdul Baza, Elizabeth Bolton, Zachary Bos, Renee Christopher, Bailey Cohen, Gail Braune Comorat, Katie Culligan, Benjamin Cutler, Enoch the Poet, Freethedust, Alyssa Pearl Fusek, Beth Gordon, Liz Howard, Naomie Jean-Pierre, Emma Karnes, Fae Kayarian, Victoria Kellaway, Joanna Kudō, Laura Mayron, Matthew Mitchell, Ebele Mọgọ, Jill Poskanzer, Jade Riordan, C.T. Salazar, Zara Shams, Lillian Sickler, Amanda Stovicek, Mireya S. Vela, Natalie Vestin, Jennifer Wolkin, and Judy Xie; it is an honour to have you all part of this issue.
Thank you also to Sara Iacovelli, Mehrnoosh Torbatnejad, Julia Dixon Evans, Graham Oliver, Olga Belykh, John Boucher, Diana Khong, Andrew Saavedra and Lindsay Branca, without whom I would always be lost.
And finally: thank you to all our readers, for always sharing in this with us.
Until next time,
– Emma Fissenden